Tips to Make Fence Design from Bricks

To produce the impression of a rather unique and eccentric, sometimes people like to apply the concept of unfinished in some parts of the house including the walls. For example the walls are not covered with overburden or shaft of a mixture of cement and sand. It makes bricks used to make the walls could be seen clearly.



The purpose of the implementing this system is to emphasize the texture of the brick that led to more natural shades, especially on the composition and brownish-red color that appears. Moreover, if the arrangement of the bricks is using certain patterns of unusual, would be able to present a more special again.

The use of this way is actually not only be applied to the wall only. The outside of the home or exterior can also apply the same method. One of them is the fence that surrounds the building, especially on the front, which is one element that most often gets attention.

One example of ways and tips to make the design of a brick fence can be seen in the picture. Not as long as we see, to see the brick fence looks more attractive and has the added value is quite high, especially in terms of design and shape.

On the side, a wall fence using a regular model that has a higher size. Meanwhile, amid the existing wall has a very attractive appearance and a point of interest or major attraction of this fence. The foundation of the fence placed on the soil surface, the arrangement is made lengthwise with brick horizontal position.

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Furthermore, on the top or middle, can be made to look more beautiful and special. The first thing to do is to arrange the bricks as they intersect with a position towards the front and rear. The structure of the meeting is not, but given the distance equal to the width size of a brick.

The bricks used to do this job have a rather small width in order to create a box shape that is too small and does not long. Of course to get a brick of this size can only be done by booking in advance on artisan brick maker, so it will take a longer time.

If you want a faster process, we can do the cutting on the brick with tile cutting machine. But of course, this job becomes more complicated. In addition funds are spent is also greater because they have to pay builders to cut like this.

Once it crosses the brick preparation is completed, followed by the drafting another brick by way of elongated and lined up on the pile crossed earlier. In this way, the resulting shape of the box and the hole size is approximately the same. Two of this work is done alternately continuously until it reaches a height of about half the height of the fence.

Furthermore, on the top, by a wall of bricks around five to six lines. But in the middle, this wall by the basin to the bottom so as to form a curved line like a semicircle.

Furthermore, curved lines are then given a cover arranged crosswise but using the same size bricks used on the walls. This makes the curved lines of the seemingly increasingly clear and unequivocal.

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Brick fence so that it looks more beautiful, the cement should be used for the adhesive composition or make use cement grout color other than gray, white for example.

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