10 Tips for Small Kitchen Designs

The designs of small kitchens are fashionable because spaces are increasingly smaller. It is important to get a design for small kitchens suitable for the space we have, investing in original and practical decoration ideas.Wrought iron wooden bar stools small kitchen design ideas

In the decoration of kitchens and designs of bathrooms it is important that we study carefully all the possibilities because, are the stays that we share all the members of the family

Ideas for small and practical kitchen designs

G-shaped small kitchen layout ideasThe modern kitchens 2016 are no longer so modern, although the design of small kitchens 2017 carries the same lines: functional and thoughtful kitchens, with all the details we can imagine. We will have to choose between the designs of kitchens that best adapt to our decoration style, tastes, needs, space and budget.

We will see several examples of models of modern small kitchens that can provide us with great ideas.

1. Bet on an American kitchen design in small spaces. Built-in kitchens.

Open space small living room and kitchen designMany apartments already come with this proposal in their design: integrated kitchens in the living room. This style of cooking offers a wider atmosphere. They are used in loft decoration, studios and decoration small flats.

We already have a post dedicated to this type of kitchens, since they deserve a greater role. Integrated kitchens, now called American kitchens, are an excellent choice when space is tight. Keep in mind that this way we avoid having walls that in these cases create useless rooms. Taking advantage of the whole space and without walls, the decoration of the kitchen and the living room will be much more functional and beautiful.

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Do not throw away the kitchens integrated by issues of smoke and dirt, today the extractor hoods work wonderfully. In addition, you can adapt them to the decoration style of the rest of the home.

You can choose from one of the designs of modern small kitchens. The trick is to integrate the living room and kitchen with elements of decoration that match both spaces. The kitchen islands can serve to wean areas.

2. Increase visual effect in the design of small kitchens

Grey cabinets small modern kitchenThe kitchen cabinets and hanging shelves and suspended manage to maintain continuity, while allowing continue exposing areas of the wall, bringing depth to small spaces. Therefore, the auxiliary kitchen furniture charges special importance.

The kitchen shelves and suspended cabinets are very useful both in kitchens modern style and decoration rustic kitchens

3. Small kitchen furniture with multiple functions

Small kitchen cabinet drawersThe market offers a wide range of modern kitchen furniture very suitable for the organization of household items and small appliances or with various functions, such as to be useful on both sides. These kitchen furniture is perfect for decorating American kitchens and for differentiating or separating environments.

4. Decoration small kitchens with mobile furniture

Movable small kitchen furnitureAlthough mobile kitchen or wheeled furniture is not very common on the market today, the designs of modern kitchens 2017 include this option and we can resort to this artifice in the decoration very small kitchens.

From a kitchen table with wheels that is hidden under the counter and we can take out to extend the work surface or even to use a dining table. Up to drawers or drawers to place all the utensils, going through the use of the smallest corner to place details. All this with the auxiliary kitchen furniture.

5. Designs of practical kitchens with shelves

Wall mounted small kitchen wooden shelvesBetting on the vertical integration of the kitchen, with shelves and suspended organizers. They allow us to keep all the most used objects by hand and in sight. We can also use these kitchen shelves to place decorations or pots with plants and spices that are used daily, or even dishes or other utensils.

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The shelves hung suspended and kitchen are often versatile and inexpensive solutions and work very well. So interesting in a cheap kitchen decor.

You can exploit this idea of verticalization of modern cuisine in a variety of ways.

6. Decoration of modern and cheap kitchens

Cheap modern small kitchenIn a matter of budget is very permissive and we can let fly the imagination using pots, jars of jars and other containers, spoons and spatulas to realize DIY with a customized design. In addition to practical, they become great items for low cost kitchens decor, giving a more intimate and familiar atmosphere.

Some stores can be very useful when we need great ideas with affordable prices: Ikea kitchens 2017, Leroy Merlin Kitchens, El Corte Ingles kitchens, Conforama kitchens, etc.

And also, they may be very appropriate decorative vinyls for kitchens, refrigerators, walls, windows…

7. Designs of modern small kitchens with pantry

Small kitchen pantry designA pantry is a very good place to store food and use the rest of kitchen cabinets to place the kitchenware and small appliances. The size needed for the pantry depends on the routine time to replenish the different products.

Although it is also very good idea in small kitchens to use, as do the great professionals, in the organization of kitchen boxes and baskets to delimit the spaces.

8. Designs of kitchens 2017. Decorative and functional ideas

Decorative small kitchen designWe can find on the market a wide range of items of decorative kitchen  and at the same time very practical that can make our life easier, such as blackboards adhesive, chalk, or magnetic. We can also use slate paint.

These kitchen decor items are very handy for carrying out shopping planners, menus or leaving notices.

9. White kitchens for the design of small kitchens

White cabinets small kitchen loft apartmentColors for small kitchens. The design of kitchens supports the whole range of colors and combinations, but when the size of our kitchen is not too large perhaps, the colors that bring luminosity are the most appropriate and we can not forget the kitchens in white as it is the color we can Apply to any style: vintage style kitchens, rustic style kitchens, minimalist kitchens, modern kitchens, classic kitchens…

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Most importantly, white or partial kitchens are the choice for small kitchens, narrow kitchens, L-kitchens, U-kitchens, integrated kitchens, green and white kitchens, white kitchens and wood…

If you want your white kitchen design not to be too boring or flat, you can add color, life and joy to the interiors of kitchens in the decoration of windows and the placement of curtains, blinds, kitchen curtains… or with accessories.

10. Lighting kitchens 2017

Small kitchen lighting fixturesNatural light and lighting  should be carefully cared for in interior decoration, regardless of the room, room or room we are dealing with. All need light to achieve a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere.

In the design of kitchens we will enhance the light that penetrates the windows and also place strategic points of light.

We will place kitchen lamps in the work area, in the general room, in the dining area and even, in some cases, it may be interesting to include light inside the kitchen cabinets or place diffused lighting when we talk about the design of kitchens little.

The type of light is advisable to be low consumption because it is usually a place where we spend a long time. The LED lighting for kitchens may be the best option.

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