Trends 2017-2018: Furniture in Black

The furniture in black are again a trend for 2017 and especially 2018, do you dare?Black furniture trends 2017 2018

As we told you in last week’s article about the Milan Fair , furniture in black is again a trend for 2017 and especially in 2018. Incredible but true, everything comes back. And the furniture in black was not going to be less. Are you ready?

For many years black furniture has gone out of fashion but now it seems that they will be back to topicality. A difficult color or a great idea that allows a lot of combination?Blue tones black modern dining room furniture

In the picture above you can see a table with chairs all completely black, combined with blue tones. Black is a color that combines well with the whole chromatic range so it will be very easy to coordinate. And in case of doubt, the black and white combination never fails. As we see in the auxiliary furniture or the following images.

Looking ahead to next season, let’s look at some ideas of furniture in black that we have seen at the Milan Fair and that can help us to inspire us when introducing black furniture in our home.

Furniture in black with wood

A winning combination, without any doubt, is to unite black with wood tones. The black will bring modernity and a very modern touch to the wood that will at the same time look in all its splendor. No matter the tone of wood, the combination will always look this good. Do not you love it?Furniture in black paint ideas

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If you do not dare with the totally black furniture the combination of black and wood is a good solution to introduce this color in your house. And success is assured beforehand.

Furniture with or without a vein?

We have also seen that the wood presents increasingly veins more marked black, as we teach you below. Woods whose veins are filled with black to give modernity to the furniture. Another option is the veined black that looks like it will be one of the trends that will come with more force. Which one do you prefer?Black furniture with or without a vein

Another effect that we have seen in the last Fair and has attracted much attention, has been the effect burned. Presented by Diesel, this table offers a very attractive contrast between the center and the sides that look like burned. Will the new decoration feel the burned effect?

Black as absolute protagonist

For the more daring the furniture in black become the real protagonists of the next seasons. Where else we have seen it has been at the dining tables and chairs that accompany them that are all dressed in black. But we can also combine black with color to get an effect like the one in the next image. Spectacular!Black dining table colorful chairs ideas

Also in the shelves where the metallic shelves in black are already an integral part of the industrial decoration. Now we will also see them in melamine and wood in black to highlight everything that is displayed on their shelves.melamine and wood in black furniture trends

Black for juveniles

In juveniles the colors gray and even black become more and more protagonism. Combined with bright and vivid colors, they create perfect spaces for children and young people in the house. How in this combination of wood, black and red full of strength and personality.Black square bookcase kids room furniture

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Beds upholstered in black

We can not say that black is a novelty in upholstered beds. It is a color suffered and combinable that has always been used extensively in upholstered beds, which will now come even stronger. Combining with furniture and wood as in this picture.Black upholstered bed master room designs

The tendency to combine wood and black with black beds that become the center of the room. Very consistent with the Nordic style or with the industrial that leaves us perfect spaces like these Do we target this fashion?Upholstered black bed frame bedroom furniture

Chairs in black

Another of the furniture in black that have highlighted more are the chairs. Their structures are dressed in black whether they are upholstered chairs or those that are not. The black comes hard into the world of the home chair.Black modern dining chairs

Which can also be combined with tables and tables in black as in the first image. An easy element to introduce the black color in our home and see if we like the effect it does. Do not you think?

Even for outdoor

Outer furniture often opts for very natural, usually light colors, such as wood, white or pastel shades. In addition to the colors of natural fibers. But in the new season also comes the black to them.Black furniture for outdoor

We are not accustomed to seeing it and yet it seemed to us that it was very well, do not you think? Because outdoor furniture is not just for the summer, black also suits them very well.Black outdoor furniture

And you, do you like the idea of introducing black furniture at home? Or woods with a lot of black veins? Do you think that the black furniture in our home will be able to be made room? You can see more images on my Pinterest page. We are still adapting to the arrival of walnut and the darker shades of wood when the black knocks on the door. It will be necessary to see if little by little it is becoming hollow. Although with ideas like these to me I would not mind. Happy week!

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