Trends 2017: Cheap and Simple Vintage Decor

The vintage decor has been sticking up for some time. In its beginnings, it began to open its way and gradually adept but, perhaps because of the fashion of furniture restoration, DIY works and the spectacular results of vintage environments with its delicate, romantic, warm and personal air have done the rest.Cheap simple vintage decor

The vintage style has many references to the past and in some countries, they even call it retro decor or confuse it with shabby chic decor or rustic style. Although they are all different decorating styles and above all the retro decor is completely different.

Decoration Low Cost – Cheap Vintage Decor Ideas

Cheap low cost vintage bedroom decorThe vintage interior decoration is extremely charming, can move us to times past and does not need too much investment. In many cases, the vintage furniture is recovered and even furniture can be admitted somewhat deteriorated or untied.

Anyway, if we do not have antique furniture, we have in the market countless options of buying cheap vintage style furniture.

We can even be more or less daring and give our personal touch by creating a retro vintage decor or a chic vintage decor depending on all the details and decor accessories we choose.

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Interior Design 2017

In the decoration trends 2017 the interior design bets on a mixture of styles, and tries to unite, time and retro decoration. This combination is ideal to give special touches in the decoration of houses and some speak of:

Chic vintage decorChic vintage living room decor

Retro vintage decorRetro vintage interior decor

Eclectic vintage decorEclectic vintage dining room decor

Industrial vintage decorationIndustrial vintage decoration ideas

Vintage shabby decorVintage shabby chic dining room decor

Of course, all decorating styles can also go separately. We will be the ones who will determine the decoration of home environments that we want to provide our personality.

Vintage style living room decor

In our blog always we have as priority to create decoration for little money, functional, harmonious and comfortable. For this reason, we will try to provide ideas to decorate and furnish without making mistakes that cause us economic losses. We will learn to decorate cheaply and make simple changes with great results. But above all we want to show you all the latest in decoration to always be up to the last.

This style of decoration we like a lot because the vintage furniture are very versatile when combining with other styles. After all that the aim is to achieve a decoration delicate and personalized, you do not have to be all the same environment decoration line; Adding furniture or occasional objects can become the highlight of the stay.

Tips for creating a vintage style

To create the style of vintage decoration in our house, we prefer classic or antique furniture with rounded shapes, neutral tones, inlaid old gold, stick pink, predominating broken white…

The real accessories and vintage furniture should be found in antique stores, fairs, markets, antique furniture stores and, of course, at grandma’s house. Although there are also lots of furniture for a vintage interior decoration in the contemporary decoration stores of your city like Ikea, El Corte Inglés, Leroy Merlin, Conforama… and we have extensive catalogs of vintage decor online.

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But to get a vintage decoration in our home we must give much importance and prominence to objects, accessories and decorative accessories. In vintage environments can not miss cages, bicycles, lamps, suitcases, watches, mirrors ; All these and other elements with a nostalgic and ancient air.

If these objects have real history and antiquity behind, the better. But we can get handmade items like crochet and patchwork or use DIY techniques like decoupage, restoration, chalk paintings, etc. That help transform and give the vintage, retro, rustic or old touch that we seek.

Another tip is that there are no shortage of wild flower arrangements in vases and glass bottles.

It is truly important and we must take special care not to overdo it and create a scene of the overloaded and overwhelming past. There is no rule to follow in vintage decor, but you need common sense and balance.

It is a great idea to combine: put some more modern elements in an environment where the retro air predominates. In this way, the interior decoration is fun, pleasant and harmonious.

In all rooms vintage decor

We should not think that this nostalgic air is exclusive to the decoration of living rooms and bedrooms. If we really feel identified with neutral tones, crisp finishes, vapor curtains and nostalgic environments we can create vintage spaces in every room of the house:

Vintage dining roomsVintage dining rooms

Vintage living roomsVintage living rooms

Vintage youth roomsVintage youth rooms

Vintage kids bedroomsVintage childrens bedrooms

Vintage baby roomsVintage baby rooms

Vintage loftVintage loft

Vintage Home OfficeVintage home office

And also, why not

Vintage kitchen decorVintage kitchen decor

Vintage style bathroomsVintage style bathrooms

Vintage gardens and terracesVintage gardens and terraces

We will put a great selection of vintage decoration images so that we can check the results in each and every one of these rooms and check that it is available to all of us if it is our desire.

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How to decorate with vintage style

We can not make the mistake of recharging environments with too many objects, too much furniture or too large and dangerous contrasts. Therefore, when we decide on the style of decoration we want to apply in our home it is important that we analyze the steps slowly.

In any interior design, and also in the vintage decorations, they are fundamental:

Wall coverings and vintage colorsWall coverings and vintage colors

Lighting fixtures and vintage lampsDining Room Lighting fixtures and vintage lamps

Vintage style window decorationVintage style window decoration

Accessories and vintage objectsvintage decor

Also, we will not forget to make a good selection of the necessary furniture (that can be all or not) vintage furniture

Vintage furniture

Vintage bedroom furnitureThose of us who make this decoration blog feel very attracted to this type of furniture. We find it a real luxury to be able to enjoy them inside our houses. They are elements with great character and great force that, by themselves give personality to the place.

If we already have furniture of other styles and do not want to replace them all at the same time, we have the option to begin the change introducing accessories and vintage objects. Go acquire some vintage auxiliary furniture that we will couple to the decoration giving them the necessary protagonism. And little by little, we can get the most important furniture like:

Vintage tablesVintage table

Vintage chairsVintage chairs

Vintage wardrobesVintage wardrobe

Vintage armchairsVintage armchairs

Vintage desksVintage desks

It is not always necessary to buy them, in many cases we can recycle them or apply some restoration technique to those we already have.

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