Trends 2018: Decorate the Kitchen To The Last

The kitchen every day becomes more important as a functional and decorative space. What used to be only a place to cook, has now become a much more integrated place in daily life, becoming the perfect place to meet family or friends. Therefore, when choosing our kitchen we will look for functionality and design, all to make it a cozy place. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen soon we will review some of the ideas and trends of 2018 in kitchens so that you decorate to the last.Kitchen Trends 2017

Trends 2018: Decorate the kitchen to the last

We tell you the keys and trends that will be taken in the kitchen in 2018 so that you decorate to the last.

White, purity in style

Small modern white kitchen designThe white color is one of the star colors of this year, brings warmth, is relaxing and fits in any kitchen, from traditional to more contemporary, and has the advantage of combining easily with any other color. If you want to be to the last, you better opt to put the whole set of your kitchen in white. This color will give you a lot of light and breadth. Another minimalist trend advocates straight lines with white tones. One of the novelties in the design this year 2018 are the cupboards in a horizontal position to take advantage of the space in front of the vertical storage spaces of the last years. You can learn more about the post Storage in kitchens, bathrooms and multipurpose furniture.

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Gray, the most sophisticated

Small modern gray kitchen designIt is true that gray give a very modern but less welcoming air, so you can balance the decor to give it a warm and cozy touch. The latest styles, such as the use of lacquered white and metallic gray, will achieve a fresh, bright and modern space. It is one of the most chosen colors for kitchens. It is a very versatile color as it seems to blend with almost any color like turquoise, mandarin, and lavender. Discover the advantages of a modern kitchen in this post.

Wood, traditional and cozy

Traditional kitchen wooden cabinetNor can the color of wood be dispensed with. If you have a large space and with light, a wooden kitchen is ideal, as it never stops being fashionable. One way to get the latest in style and design with wood color are the new trends that come with the integration of a beautiful island or peninsula in the center of your kitchen. This post can be used to see some ideas to decorate a kitchen with peninsula. The latest trends in kitchens 2017 bet on pure and elegant styles, stone worktops with smooth veins, polished marble, and granite. Polished cement and sealing are also very successful options when choosing your countertop.

As you can see, this year the trends come full of design and functionality and your kitchen will be your favorite place from now on. If you decide to make a change or reform in your kitchen, I encourage you to upload it and share it with us in our Projects section. If you have any doubts about this post or about any other topic, do not hesitate to open a thread in our comment, we will be happy to advise you.

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