Trends 2017: Two Colors Wall Painting Ideas

If you are thinking of renovating your decor, the two-colored walls can be an original and simple solution to give your home a new look. Discover them!Two colors of wall paint color schemes

Every year we are surprised with the new trends that arrive, some we love… and some less. This year the walls of two colors will be one of the successes in decoration. We have long seen this phenomenon in many homes and local. A trend that began with timidity and little by little is gaining adepts and all kinds of spaces. And in 2017 it will continue to rise like foam. It does not surprise me because it offers a great variety of options when decorating our walls in an economic way (we only need two cans of different paint) and simple (you only have to mark the separated areas to paint and put to it). An idea that you can put yourself into practice at home. And if the effect is as beautiful as those of these images, I also point myself and you?

Today we are going to review which are some of the options that we have when decorating our walls of two colors. So you can choose the one you like best and get to work. The rooms of the smallest ones, like the living room, the study or our bedroom, can all be ideal spaces to give them a touch of originality with two colors. And in terms of colors all combinations are allowed, although they predominate white or a neutral tone, with a more intense tone to make it stand out. And which one do you prefer?

Informal walls

Two colors informal wall paint ideasA fun and very relaxed idea is to divide the walls without a clear cut, or a marked line. In this type of effect we like to see the brushstrokes that separate one area from another, as if it had been by chance. Almost an accident happened without realizing it. It is perfect for areas like the studio or a living room or games room. It is not suitable for all types of homes but is, without a doubt, a fun and daring effect, which will not leave anyone indifferent. And you do you think? Do you like the idea? Would you try it at home? Imperfect houses that fall in love like those of the following two images.

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A clear divisionSoft two color schemes wall paint ideas

To decorate walls of two colors, the most used option is to draw a clear division between the two areas of painting. A straight line that marks the two colors. It’s the idea we see most in magazines and photos. What can vary a lot is how high we draw that line, depending on the role we want to give each color and the type of environment. Usually they are placed between 1 meter and a meter and a half of the ground and we emphasize to the inferior strip that usually is painted of the color darker or showy. That way the wall gives a feeling of growing, of being taller.

But we can also choose to take the cut much higher so that one of the colors takes almost all the protagonism. So it happens in the following photos in which the cut of the painting has been placed much higher, to 1.80 meters approximately, leaving the top in white. This way our wall will gain in height before our eyes. Since the top wall and ceiling joint causes the ceiling to be lost and the wall stretches upward. It has also conquered the combination of pink and white. Sweet and perfect for a space of rest and relax like the bedroom.

Walls of two colors with mountainsGeometric two color wall paint

Another way in which we can live a two-color wall is with forms that imitate mountains. This is a very funny and clever idea for the children’s room, for example. In addition to being very simple to perform, with a great result, that surely will delight the smallest and everyone. We have seen many children’s rooms with this design, in several versions, but we can also find them in other types of environments like the studio or an original dining room. Do you like this idea? To us a lot!

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A piece of blackboard

Two colors kids room wall paintDecorating with slate paint is still fashionable; we talked about it some time ago. And that is a very practical idea. But now what it takes is to leave it alone in a part of the wall, so that the children can enjoy but without occupying all the space. That way we create a division between the bottom, with slate paint, and the top, painted in a light color. A good idea to keep the kids distracted, without the whole wall becoming a cartoon burglary. We love! And also gives much style to your room.

Effects on walls of two colors

Two colors wall paint home decor ideasAnother option is to look for even stronger effects as in these two images in which triangular sections have been drawn which will undoubtedly have an impact on the eye. We like the idea although it may be too strong to put it at home. Or would you dare? The truth is that they surprise but also it will depend on the tones that we decide to use when it is put into action. It can be a good decoration for an entrance area or a dining room with lots of personality. Do not you think?

Highlight some element

Finally the last option to paint walls of two colors, is to focus on some specific element that we want to highlight in an environment. That way we focus the color on that element that we especially like or that we want to give importance. For example, a lintel that turns with a strong color into something different. We can also create a visual division between two zones in the same room as in the photo.Wall paint two color schemes ideas

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Yellow is an ideal color to create this kind of effects in which some element becomes the center of all attention. Like the lintel of a window, a door or the staircase of ascent. A very daring effect but no doubt achieves its purpose, highlight and draw our attention to that element, especially if combined with white spaces. Too risky to use at home? What is your opinion?

And you, do you like the walls of two colors?

And so far our ideas for decorating walls of two colors. Many options for a combination that can perfectly adapt to any type of environments and colors, making it very versatile and at the same time result, without being complicated to perform. An important topic because it is always better if we can do it ourselves or with little help and then can be changed quickly if we get tired. You can see more ideas on my Pinterest page. With what option do you stay? I still love the classic version of a straight line but I also like very much the first effect as inadvertently, done by chance, because it creates very interesting atmospheres. As always I expect your comments and ideas. Happy week!

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