Trends Colors 2017: Decoration with Greenery, the Color of Hope

Green is a symbol of new beginnings. It is not surprising that Pantone, a company that calls itself “the global authority of color”, has decided to choose green as the color of the year 2017. But the color of the season is not any green; Is the Pantone 15-0343, known colloquially as Greenery. It is a fresh and vibrant color, between green and yellow, that” evokes the first days of spring”. This color is an optimistic look to the future, it is hope and it is yearning to reconcile with nature. “It is a color that conveys tranquility and hope,” explains the company, “without adding much that the world needs at the moment to be calm and hopeful”. This particular green is an unusual color: a combination of yellow and blue or warmth with some coldness. A complex union. Will the color of the year be a metaphor for what will happen in the international political climate? We do not know, but for the moment we will give you ideas of how the decoration with Greenery should be, in our opinion do you accompany us?trend colors 2017

What is the color of the year?

Before continuing to talk about Greenery, it is worth asking what “exactly” means that Pantone color of the year? Since the year 2000, Pantone has chosen a color that reflects the cultural climate of the moment. The color of the year is a symbolic selection; A color snapshot of what is happening in our global culture that serves as an expression of a particular mood and attitude. In other words, the color of the year of PANTONE is the result of a meticulous study that goes beyond fashion and trends and covers all areas of the social: from the state of politics to the economy; And that will, therefore, influence all facets of design and lifestyle.

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What is the color of the year 2017?

Greenery (15-0343) means beginning: a New Year full of freshness, healthy food, nature and outdoor excursions. But above all, the yellow-green tone of fashion has to do with the environment.

Greenery is a refreshing tone that evokes when the greens of nature revive, are restored and renewed. Seeing this color, we immediately think of the leaves and the exuberance of the outdoors. Green is the neutral color of nature. Modern life and technological advances increase our innate desire to immerse ourselves in the beauty and unity of the natural world. Greenery has to do with this change: urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and design options. The green was typical of the periphery but increasingly is taking over the vanguard.

Pallets and Combinations 2017

Greenery is a versatile “trans-seasonal” shade that lends itself to many color combinations. In the following palettes, we can see how this color combines with neutral colors, bright, deeper tones, metals and even crosses with the tones of the year 2016: Rosa Quarzo and Serenity. These pallets are what awaits us in all areas of design, beauty, and decoration.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Institute of Color, Greenery appears in 2017 in response to the tumultuous social and political environment. It also shows a desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, actions that are nothing more than a desire to reconnect with nature. This color symbolizes the rebirth of nature and represents our desire to get closer to it, a desire that is leading us to return to respect the rhythms of the earth, growing interest in small local producers and recovering crafts. Slow Fashion and Slow Food are the perfect representation of the essence of Greenery, in addition to the healthy lifestyle. Greenery is vitality and pure energy, a fresh wind coming for a fresh start.

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Inspiration: Decorating with Greenery

Lounges and dining rooms

For many, it may be a difficult color to combine but if you let yourself be carried away by the freshness of Greenery, you will undoubtedly get a new connection with nature in your home. Come and introduce the Greenery decoration in your home!

There is no need to make drastic or permanent decisions. If you prefer a more subtle touch, serve small details such as pots or containers in greenish tones. The color Greenery brings with it a taste for the minimal, the cactus and a clear bet for the organic and natural. So if this particular tone does not convince you, you can always toss darker shades like the Kale.

The bathrooms

The bathrooms are also not out of Pantone color trends and although they have always dominated the cold colors and pastel shades, in addition to the classic immaculate white, Greenery green is now introduced into the bathroom decoration. You can choose to place green elements and make the contrast with the rest of the bathroom or if you are more radical changes, you can paint Greenery green walls and the result is very beautiful.

Youth rooms

Nothing more vital and youthful than this green. Combine the furniture of your children with these shades. Not only will they love the decor with Greenery, it will inevitably improve their mood and performance.

Do you cook

The kitchen also dresses occasionally to welcome the decoration with Greenery. These kitchens overflow with naturalness and this green gives them a very beautiful color.

Terraces and patios

The patios and terraces are places that lend themselves especially to play with the trend color of 2017. Combine wicker chairs painted with plants and trees. You will feel floating in the midst of nature!

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Weddings & Events

Did you think that the color of fashion was going to stay in your house and in your closet? Greenery is also the color of events and weddings. Not only will it give an air of modernity to use a touch of this green in the planning of any birthday or celebration but will also serve as a breath of fresh air. Collect leaves of all kinds and use them as a decorative element. Would not you know where to start? Look at what romantic ideas!


We can also apply the decoration with Greenery in the office! Use plants, artificial lawn, wallpaper or even tiles and paint to give that touch of natural modernity that your office lacks. Surely everyone appreciates it!

What do you think of this article on decoration with Greenery, the trend color for this 2017?

What inspires you this color?

Thank you very much for reading!

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