Trendy Child Bed Tips and Amazing Customization Ideas

Trendy Child BedPrefabricated furniture, although quite practical, is not always suitable for our specific architectural conditions. And when it comes to designing small rooms or optimizing the space in the child’s room, the requirements become more important. A trendy child’s bed, which can be made by himself and customized according to his needs, is a very good solution. Even if you’re not a passionate do-it-yourselfer, you’ll have a big crush on ideas for customizing some “off-the-shelf” furniture and great decorations to follow!

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Trendy child’s bed perched above a Minecraft fortTrendy Child Bed

There are several approaches to take and steps to take to tackle the making of a trendy crib. First and foremost, one must choose a simple or complex bed model, according to his skill and his handyman abilities.

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Mezzanine bed with intermediate landing and play area belowTrendy Child Bed

The time and tools available, as well as the budget, are also very important when choosing. Below you can see a video illustrating how to build a relatively simple step-by-step model.

How to make a trendy and relatively simple child’s bed

Then the basic model can be simply placed or ground, decorated and used or incorporated into a more complex construction. Mezzanine beds, perched huts, forts and suspended ceiling beds are just some of the possibilities!

Some inspiring models of beautiful huts and mezzaninesTrendy Child Bed

The photo collage above illustrates some inspiring models of beautiful DIY cabin and mezzanine bedsnot to be missed. The video to follow visualizes the manufacture of a trendy child bed that has adopted the shape of a cabin.

How to make a trendy hut-shaped child’s bed

Of all appearance, it is a fairly elaborate model that requires more important skills, as well as specific tools. Fortunately, the author of the tutorial shares with us free plans for the bed hut and great ideas on other wooden creations on

Mezzanine bed with double steps as storage for booksTrendy Child Bed

After, let’s look at a superb mezzanine model that lovers of 2 in 1 designs will appreciate! It is indeed the steps of the staircase whose hollow interior serves as storage shelves super practical, even library!

Trendy child bed installed in a wall niche and beautifully shaped maisonetteTrendy Child Bed

Turning the disadvantages into advantages is something very important in the layout of the child’s room. For example, a niche in the wall can perfectly accommodate a trendy child’s bed, fashioned in a cute little house.

Creative ideas for taking advantage of niches and wall cupboards in the nurseryTrendy Child Bed

But the creativity of some homeowners is more prolific in trendy ideas to take advantage of the niches and wall cupboards. Our favorite is the one with the mini wardrobe below the bed that looks really great!

Trendy ideas for 2 or 3 children – bunk beds to make yourselfTrendy Child Bed

Then we continue with some ingenious ideas to consider when the room must be shared by 2 or 3 children. It turns out that there are other functional sleeping solutions, apart from classic bunk beds.

Trendy child’s bed for 2 children – a pair of beds in mezzanine arranged in LTrendy Child Bed

A pair of mezzanine beds arranged in L is a very good development variant for more than one reason. On one side, we always take advantage of the space below and on the other we avoid fraternal rivalry on the upper bed.

Great ideas on the arrangement of beds in the room for 3 childrenTrendy Child Bed

The layout of rooms for 3 children presents an even greater challenge, especially when talking about the optimization of space. Fortunately, the collage above gives us some ideas on the arrangement of beds 3 places to tackle the problem.

Trendy child’s bed for carrying in the cabin of a trio boat of suspended bunksTrendy Child Bed Tips Customization Ideas

That’s another wonderful idea that will surely mentally transport your kids inside a booth. A trendy child bed in the shape of a bunk suspended on ropes is a raft that promotes adventure, an enchanted flying carpet, etc. – anything but ordinary furniture!

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Cabin beds or play area inside the room? A project conducive to adventures!Trendy Child Bed Tips Customization Ideas

Moms and dads who feel particularly adventurous themselves can embark on an elaborate project like this. This one is a work of the tinker maker Ana White, become a star of wooden creations made by hand.

Stunning ideas on the trendy child bed in the shape of a stylized houseTrendy Child Bed Tips Customization Ideas

Naturally, the trendy hut-shaped child’s bed does not have to be too complex to be functional. Sometimes, it is advisable to opt for a simplistic design so that the child can imagine the rest in his games!

Simple contexts favor improvisation in games and therefore creativityTrendy Child Bed Tips Customization Ideas

This approach is particularly beneficial to the psychological development of the young, since the context does not limit them in their daily activities and encourages them to give free rein to their imagination.

Trendy but simple child’s bed, imitating the frame of a house – plan and realizationTrendy Child Bed Tips Customization Ideas

In this regard, the following ideas are devoted to the simple shaped bed house that can easily be made by yourself. In fact, it is an ordinary wooden frame, whose shape mimics the frame of a house in a very stylized way.

Parallelepiped in wooden slats crowned by a corresponding rectangular base pyramidkids bed trends

You do not even have to build your house if this stage of construction seems too complex. A parallelepiped of wooden slats ending in a pyramid with a corresponding rectangular base is completely sufficient.

Trendy child bed tip: Kura bed by IKEA can be easily customized and fashioned in housekids bed trends

Trendy Child’s Bed Tip: Some models by IKEA, like the Kura bed shown above, have a simple but versatile design. As a result, they can be easily transformed into maisonettes, castles, circus tents, etc. by adding a few simple elements in fabric or paper.

Trendy ideas on the decoration of the cabin to make it more playfulkids bed trends

That being said, we have come to the decoration of the bed which is just as essential as the construction. Playful painting, romantic canopies, fairy lights and pennants are just a few of the many fascinating possibilities!

Trendy child bed decorated with cushions, curtains and garland of bright ballskids bed trends

Girls’ parents can opt for pastel colors, charming curtains and patterned decorative cushions. Finally, any trendy child’s bed must be crowned with whimsical lighting to completely overwhelm the design in magic.

2 beautiful ideas of trendy layout and unisex decoration of nature spiritkids bed trends

The nature-inspired decor, which makes the most of the earthy colors and organic textures, is a neutral-style decor variation that fits and fits for girls ‘rooms and for boys’ rooms.

Super chic graphic room with trendy child bed in the shape of a white housekids bed trends

His alternative, also unisex, is the graphic children’s room, that is to say dominated by the marriage of black and white. Soberly decorated with Scandinavian and perfected by a trendy white child’s bed, it does not really need abundant decorative objects.

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Super charming boy’s cabin bed painted in pearl gray and slatekids bed trends

The hut beds for boys could benefit from neutral tones more or less deaf. In addition, a trendy child’s bed painted in gray can be requinqué any color of bedding and cushions.

Trendy and chic teepee children’s bed in light and white woodkids bed trends

For information, a beautiful trend not to be missed is the trendy wooden teepee crib. Its design is super simple, but attractive enough for the little ones, who are often fascinated by the lives of Native Americans.

Beautiful trundle bed highlighted by the background in blackboard paintkids bed trends

Trendy Child’s Bed Tip: Buy or make a bed frame on wheels that could fit under the teepee (so be careful with the depth of the frame!) And you’ll get an unmatched pull-out bed that kids will love to share!

Some trendy ideas on the layout below the mezzanine bedkids bedroom furniture

The beds on the mezzanine and some suspended from the ceiling are super effective provided that we can make the most of the space below. For this reason, we continue with cool ideas in photos that offer some good possibilities.

Trendy child’s bed with super chic “sitting area” below the cabinkids bedroom furniture

The space below the mezzanine is most often occupied by an office where the child can prepare his homework. This is a very good idea, but preschoolers do not need a space like this.

Raised bed in light wood with herringbone curtains and mattresses for a cute hiding placekids bedroom furniture

On the other hand, they love to play by imitating the activities of adults, especially their professions in the corresponding contexts. So book this nook to develop a doctor’s office, a miniature professional kitchen or just a hideaway if the height is not enough.

Idea of genius: reverse the roles and place the bed on the floor and the sofa above!kids bedroom furniture

Another frankly ingenious idea is “reverse the roles” and place the bed on the floor and the sofa above! The little ones will just love to climb to play, while young teens can use this space as an extraordinary reading corner!

Bunk beds custom made for 2 boys who love sportskids bedroom furniture

In conclusion, you can either make your own trendy child bed, or opt for a simple model and customize it as you please. Whatever your choice, stay creative and it’s your little treasure that will thank you!

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