Trendy Living Room Furniture and Decoration Ideas Retrieved On Pinterest

Living Room FurnitureThe interior design enthusiasts and interior love rummaging magazines devoted to these topics in search of original ideas. And for some time, an American site has become the focal point par excellence of these devoted decorator admirers. In the current article, we have compiled some of the best trendy furniture proposals for the show posted on Pinterest. With the hope of saving you time and effort, we invite you to consult them and borrow your favorites!

Ideas on living room sofas – trendy furnitureLiving Room Furniture

Here is a set of modern design consisting of a sofa 2 places, a chaise and a pair of matching chairs. With its clean lines, this Pinterest idea will no doubt please fans of trendy designer furniture. The indigo blue and chocolate brown furniture are further highlighted by the immaculate background of the wall moldings.Living Room Furniture

If, on the other hand, the ultra-modern design sofas are not exactly your type, you will probably have a soft spot for a large sofa upholstered in brown leather with two duffels next to each of the armrests. Note that the background is always blank which underlines the beauty of the rich, authentic, worn-out texture.Living Room Furniture

Anyone who is in the style of the Revised Colonial and has a touch of glamor will fall in love with this fabulous sitting area. In the example above, metallic trendy furniture has successfully replaced exotic wood for a more opulent result. Finally, the deep colors of the upholstery and the luxuriant greenery of the palm trees harmonize perfectly.Living Room Furniture

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In fact, trendy furniture increasingly looks exotic and the decorations that accompany it are influenced by the crafts of different ethnicities far away. How about an upscale swing sofa for the balcony or terrace paved with terracotta tiles?

Armchairs and occasional furniture in the living room – the units not to be underestimatedLiving Room Furniture

Who liked the leather sofa, will surely love the vintage metal and leather armchair presented above. It is a relatively low model, with a pure and simple metal frame, deep depth of the seat and back rather low. Add it to your living room with a matching footstool or footstool and you will not be disappointed by the comfortable and aesthetically pleasing end result.Living Room Furniture

Another type of fantastic trendy furniture has recently invaded not just Pinterest but the internet space in general. We talk about mountain chalet spirit decorations that are renowned for their warm appearance and unparalleled cozy texture. Modernize this idea by pairing your fake fur chair with a design table with a bronze or brass finish.Living Room Furniture

Having mentioned the table, one must at all costs address the subject of the extra furniture in the modern living room. Commodes, consoles, buffets and small auxiliary tables are just as important as sitting furniture! The additional storage space and the chic touch that these trendy little pieces of furniture make sure are not to be depreciated.Living Room Furniture

As you have probably already seen, units made from hot metals (or those that give the impression of being) have re-emerged on the market in recent years. And these trendy and sophisticated brass, rose gold, bronze and copper furniture do not intend to leave the scene of aesthetic interior design in the foreseeable future.Living Room Furniture

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On the other end of the spectrum, we find the extra furniture in organic materials less processed as possible. Their major asset is the simplicity of their design that allows them to be easily integrated into any existing decor. What trendy furniture do you prefer for your own living room – metallic and beautiful and glamorous or natural, sober and discreet?

Trendy furniture and decorations that go hand-in-handLiving Room Furniture

The last chapters of our article will be dedicated to decorations that perfectly match the trendy furniture in the contemporary living room. Whether it is a cottage style, cottage chic or “opulence of the 20s”, there is certainly a good decorative approach to adopt for a neat and harmonious rendering. But let’s see the Pinterest images that are worth a thousand words!Living Room Furniture

For example, the ultra-modern furniture likes the few deco accents, the minimum of colors and especially the non-colors. The practical manifestations of this idea are the symmetrical arrangement of furniture and lighting, the abstract painting on the wall, and the marriage of off-white, black and anthracite gray shown in the picture above.Living Room Furniture

Then, the classic chic lounge could enjoy some luxurious textures to marry with its refined or brilliant furniture. The addition of velvet decorations, long pile carpets and other plush textiles are good steps in this direction. Pastel colors, warm powdered tones and neutral beige are also beneficial to the overall aesthetic setting.Living Room Furniture

In the best case, the works of art that you will add in the living room, must match the trendy furniture already chosen or at least repeat an existing color inside. But depending on the specific context, the bold contrast is not a taboo either! Above, we can admire a daring but successful blend of classicism, oriental exoticism and abstraction.Living Room Furniture

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Finally, do not be afraid to experiment with nuances and materials and their many possible associations. In the end, trendy furniture that will work well at home does not coincide with models that work well in others. Try to grant them gracefully in the living room and if you are satisfied with the effect, reinvent your best ideas in other rooms of your home.

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