Velvet Sofa Trend 2018: How to Enjoy the Material of the Season to Warm and Refine the Interior

Velvet Sofa Trend 2018This season, velvet sofa invades our interiors. Unmistakably chic and sweet, it immediately gives a noble look to any space. With a sumptuous character and a super stylish Art Deco inspiration, it fits into the new trends of interior design to suggest an atmosphere conducive to escape and breathe chic. So do not miss out on the 2018 velvet sofa trend!Velvet Sofa Trend 2018

Velvet sofa takes on all forms. It has become the dress code required to dress furniture, throws, curtains, cushions or even wallpapers. But did you know that there are different types of velvet: such as cotton, silk or mohair. The latter, by its resistance, proves to be the most suitable for covering seats.Velvet Sofa Trend 2018

The velvet sofa trend of 2018 embodies the eternal desire for sweetness. What better material to warm the interior and give the decor an enveloping softness and a feeling of refinement? In addition, velvet sofa marries beautifully with other materials very popular now like brass, copper, marble and mahogany.

Velvet sofa trend 2018: for which room of the house?Velvet Sofa Trend 2018

The trend velvet sofa 2018 is inviting in all rooms where there is an atmosphere of comfort and peace. So the material is perfect for the bedroom and the living room. But we do not stop here. More and more often, velvet sofa appears in other living rooms such as the dining room, the kitchen and the office. The velvet sofa is invited either through accessories or in total look through a strong room. Whatever your choice, know that the material will make your room and furniture refined simply by its presence. This is where its spellbinding and timeless charm lies.Velvet Sofa Trend 2018

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Velvet sofa in interior design is a trend that has no beginning or end. Besides its great advantage of ennobling furniture and accessories, it is able to instill a certain atmosphere by its color. Because every style has its colors, is not it? The velvet sofa has the advantage of being able to marry with a good number of styles if it is well used and that passes first by the choice of the colors. Here are some tips to succeed the association of colors and materials without fault of taste.

Each style has its own colorVelvet Sofa Trend 2018

If you are charmed by the charm of the 70s, do not hesitate to combine your dark wood flooring with an orange velvet sofa or mustard sofa. A piece in green bottle is also a safe bet to succeed the decor reflecting the good past. Prefer corduroy on your furniture to remain resolutely vintage. With colors, it’s all about dosing. So, bet on a pearl gray sofa if you already have enough colors in your room.Velvet Sofa Trend 2018

Tonic colors are your best ally to bring a bohemian touch to your space. Yellow curry or terracota will help you mix the bohemian and retro styles and at the same time achieve the exotic and cocooning atmosphere.Velvet Sofa Trend 2018

If, on the other hand, you are more fan of modern and glamorous, it is better to prefer dark colors such as emerald green and indigo blue. In addition, these colors are particularly suitable for contemporary interior purified or even minimalist.Velvet Sofa Trend 2018

As velvet sofa is back in force to mark the 2018 interior design trends, it will now appear everywhere. He puts on furniture, walls and even windows. At first sight very dramatic, velvet sofa curtains are indeed a key asset in the decor. A pastel pink, a pigeon blue, an emerald green or a teal, the curtains are your best ally to revalue your rooms. Whether light or dark, the colors should be used sparingly to avoid the kitsch effect.

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How to adopt the 2018 velvet sofa trend through accessoriesVelvet Sofa Trend 2018

The velvet sofa wallpaper is riding high! This trend velvet sofa 2018 can dress the walls with refinement while giving certain nobility to the space. Without a doubt, the great advantage of wallpaper is that it can be changed every season to better reflect current trends. And as the trend velvet sofa 2018 allows all daring in terms of decor, we dare to dress the walls in the noble material.Velvet Sofa Trend 2018

If you want to adopt the 2018 velvet sofa trend in interior decoration, here is another excellent way to do it. A velvet sofa carpet will allow you to ennoble right away your living room or bedroom. Elegant and chic, this accessory will help you integrate the noble material with the existing decor without weighing down the space.Velvet Sofa Trend 2018

To accessorize your pieces while remaining in the trend velvet sofa 2018, consider installing here and there velvet sofa stools mismatched. In addition to offering more seats, the furniture will energize your home. If, on the other hand, you do not have enough space for more furniture, consider putting some velvet sofa cushions on the sofa and armchairs. They will put a nice note of color and elegance in your room. Whether they go with the rest of the decor or not, they will easily find their place in your modern world.Velvet Sofa Trend 2018

In the end, let’s say a few words about the good colors that will exalt the best velvet sofa furniture. It turns out that it is the tones of precious stones that highlight the captivating character of velvet. Dare quartz, emerald, navy, gold, rape, ruby or sapphire and you will not regret your choice.

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Exclusive velvet sofa sofas signed Boca do LoboVelvet Sofa Trend 2018

Velvet sofa goes perfectly with marble and walleyeVelvet Sofa Trend 2018

Dark velvet sofa creates a dramatic and refined atmosphereVelvet Sofa Trend 2018

A sage green velvet sofa armchair will add a touch of freshness to the decorVelvet Sofa Trend 2018

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