Vintage Bedrooms: Get Them Step By Step

Vintage bedrooms as well as vintage decor are trendy, so there are many who are aiming to redecorate your house and get vintage bedrooms, vintage lounges, vintage terraces… This style is very broad, giving many options to taste of who decorates, but this time we are going to tell you the keys to getting our own vintage bedrooms.

White vintage bedroom furniture interior decor ideasBefore we start we should have a clear point: the bedroom should be a space for rest, so in addition to getting vintage bedroom decor, we cannot forget to create a cozy bedroom decor.

Tips for getting vintage bedrooms

Although each stay is different, and it should not be forgotten that a bedroom should be primarily quiet and functional, we can name a few tips to get the vintage style in the bedroom simply.

5 Tips for Getting Vintage Bedrooms

Although each stay is different, and it should not be forgotten that a bedroom should be primarily quiet and functional, we can name a few tips to get the vintage style in the bedroom simply.

1. Always use soft colors

Soft colors vintage bedroom decorIn the bedroom it is essential to use soft colors in any style, but also serves to get a vintage bedroom decor. You can even use the combination of white or light blue colors, with others such as dark green, pale yellow or lavender tones. In the vintage style the combination is very appropriate, even fundamental.

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2. The use of different patterns and textures

Vintage bedroom decorating ideasIf something characterizes the vintage bedrooms is the use of several patterns, both on walls (through wallpaper for example), as in curtains, bedroom furniture… This does not mean that all colors have a place in this choice, We must always respect the chosen colors so that the atmosphere of the vintage bedroom is relaxing.

Do not forget to choose prints on some cushions, sheets, duvet or curtains. Much better if you use similar fabrics or the same.

3. The choice of furniture, fundamental point

Vintage bedroom white furniture setsIf you want to decorate your room vintage it is best that you choose the old furniture that sells in markets, or that you choose old furniture to restore. Without a doubt, the key to vintage bedrooms is to get away from modern furniture, so in addition to not having to spend too much money on furniture, you can customize your own furniture making them unique.

4. Mirrors can not be missing

Vintage bedroom mirrorsThe best way to decorate the walls of a vintage room is with mirrors. You can frame them in eye-catching colors even if they have old shapes, just like furniture.

You can choose both the choice of a large model, as well as several smaller models.

5. Vintage accessories for a vintage bedroom

Vintage bedroom accessories twin girls roomTo get a complete vintage bedroom decor, it is important to have some accessories of this style. Many of them, like the furniture, you can find them in markets or even in your own storage room.

Mannequins are an excellent option, as well as being very functional. You can also choose old collections of different items placed on shelves or hanging. At this point, everything that the imagination brings us, as long as it has a few years.

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As you can see getting vintage bedrooms can be simple and cheap. Undoubtedly, it is one of the styles of decoration that offers us more possibilities, because we can incorporate and restore what we already have in our power.

If you are thinking about redecorating your bedroom and you are interested in vintage style, you can not miss the shabby chic style that you can get great ideas. In addition, you can not forget the tips needed to decorate a youth bedroom, get a cozy bedroom, or choose the best way to decorate the windows. Keep in mind that although we are talking about vintage decor, we can also incorporate other ideas to give a more personal touch.

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