Wall Color Trends 2019: New Color Ideas for Any Style House Design

Wall Color Trends 2019You want to miss your apartment a new color trend and are looking for inspirations for the wall design? Here we tell you with which wall colors you are fully in line with the trend.

Wall Color Trends 2019

New color, new luck! This year, the trend colors are very diverse. There is the right wall paint for every taste and every furnishing style. Sound great, right?

Here we present you the best wall colors ideas.

Green – soothing colorGreen Wall Color Trends 2019

The gaudy green tone ” Greenery ” is the absolute trend color of the year 2019. It reminds of the fresh green of the leaves in the spring, works harmoniously and symbolizes hope and joie de vivre. This color is just fun and invites you to relax. That’s why Greenery’s color accents fit perfectly in any room.

The radiant green can be perfectly combined with white, natural colors and different shades of gray. Furniture in warm wood tones is great in combination with Greenery. It gets even fresher when you place a few accessories in the color turquoise in the room.

Natural Color IdeasNatural Wall Color Trends 2019

You can create special comfort with natural colors, which are in 2019 as wall colors are fully in vogue. They radiate harmony and tranquility and can be perfectly combined with each other. For example, with a warm sand yellow and chestnut brown you are in the right place this year. Wooden furniture fits best. As special color accents are green, yellow and blue, depending on the color shade.

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Fire colorsWall Color Trends 2019

In 2019 you are allowed to do it colorfully. Bright fire colors such as orange, sun yellow and red are among the trend colors this year. With these colors, it is especially advisable not to paint all the walls in the desired color, but to emphasize only individual walls or to set color accents.

Trend color “Warm yellow”Yellow Wall Color Trends 2019

A warm yellow is reminiscent of the sun and is therefore encouraging and promotes concentration. It is particularly well suited for the living room, study and dining room as well as for rooms in which not much light falls. A bright sun yellow unfolds its luminosity particularly well in combination with dark furniture, but should not have a stocky appearance.

Trend color “orange”Orange Wall Color Trends 2019

Orange promotes creativity , has a warming and stimulating effect. The color is very good effect, if you put it with individual color accents. White and natural colors are the perfect match. The optics can be relaxed with subtle color accents in red, yellow and green.

Trend color “red”Red Wall Color Trends 2019

The color red brings heat into a room. It dispels fatigue and is stimulating, which makes it particularly good in the living room, dining room and kitchen. In the bedroom one should set for this reason only economical red color accents. The colors white, gold, gray and black fit best.

GrayGray Wall Color Trends 2019

Gray looks modern and elegant, which has been one of the absolute trend colors in the residential sector for several years. Gray visually fades into the background, bringing the other colors into focus.

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It can be used in many different nuances and combined with strong colors as well as pastel shades (eg pink). Depending on the gray tone and combination with other colors, the most varied effects can be brought up. In 2019 you are in fashion with taupe , a warm mid- gray and a cool light gray . Since gray is surprisingly diverse, a wide variety of furniture, such as white furniture or wooden furniture in warm wood tones, also fits in with it. If you want to make your walls gray, you should keep color samples in front of their furniture in different light in advance to match the color shade to your decor.

PinkPink Wall Color Trends 2019

Tender pink was already one of the top colors last year and is still in full swing in 2019. The color is playful and light and not only good for kids and girls. Since pink has a calming effect, the color is perfect for the bedroom. Incidentally, pink is a good match for white, slightly playful furniture. It can also be combined with gray color accents and looks modern. Dark wood furniture is a perfect match. In combination with red, a stimulating effect can be achieved.

Tender blueSoft Blue Wall Color Trends 2019

The color Serenity, which shines in soft blue, was already one of the trend colors in 2018. Blue looks awake and fresh, but calms down at the same time. For this reason, it can be used very well in the bedroom and bathroom. Since there is the color blue in so many different nuances, it can be used very versatile. Depending on the blue tone, you can design the effect of your room. Different shades of blue can be combined with each other, so that small rooms appear visually larger or large rooms correspondingly more comfortable. Thus, blue is even said that it can promote concentration. It is therefore also great for the design of the study.

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The color of the decor and the blue tone should always be matched. White and blue fit very well together. Also the combination with yellow and red color accents looks great.

Wall Colors Ideas 2019Wall Color Trends 2019

If you really feel like designing your home with the new trendy wall colors, then of course you will find many tips for painting. Would you like to paint stripes or beautify your walls with color patterns, you will find valuable tips in our blog post on the topic “paint walls “.

Wall colors Ideas: Tips for wall design with color

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