Wallpaper Trends 2019: The 5 Most Popular Motifs for Wall Decor

Wallpaper Trends 2019Say goodbye to your white walls and discover completely new possibilities of visual interior design! Because of the technical progress in the digital photo and printing technology today wall decor are more trendy than ever. Any motif can be imaged on it, so that the wallpaper will suit every taste and interior. The great sharpness and the realistic colors turn this style of wall design into a big hit in 2019. Since the selection is really big, we have summarized in the article the 5 most popular motives for photo wallpaper, which are the trend this year.

Wallpaper Trends 2019: These motifs for wall decor are in!

Wallpaper Trends 2019Colored walls with beautiful motifs can significantly change the atmosphere in the room. Whether a beautiful natural landscape, the skyline of a big city or a romantic floral motif, with a photo wallpaper can emphasize your own style outstanding. A large variety of motifs are available for example in Pixers wall decor. They are sorted by theme, scope and style, so you can keep the overview easier and find the right wallpaper faster. But which motives for wall decor are announced in 2019?

Motifs for wall decor in purple

Wallpaper Trends 2019The Pantone Color Institute has named Ultra Violet the Color of the Year for 2019. That’s why the wallpaper in this blue-based Lilaton is very popular this year. The strong violet nuance reminds of the infinite expanses of the sky and exudes a mystical flair. If you want to bring purple into your own four walls, with motives such as cosmos, night sky, lavender fields and purple flowers is definitely right.

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Wall decor with flowersWallpaper Trends 2019

Floral patterns inspire through their timeless beauty and convey freshness and lightness. They do not have to be the same old-fashioned, on the contrary, floral designs are now experiencing their revival in a reduced look. The 2019 Wallpaper Trends include large-format flowers that adorn an accent wall in the room. From romantic roses, atmospheric sunflowers to graceful magnolias – the selection is huge.

Wall Mural Forest exudes calmWallpaper Trends 2019

In the modern, digitized world you may feel a bit overwhelmed at the end of the day. And since nature is considered a natural remedy for body and soul, natural materials and colors are becoming increasingly popular in interior design. With a photo wallpaper forest you can bring nature into your own home! Thanks to modern digital printing, the woods on the wall look really realistic, so you could almost hear the rustle of the leaves. The motif is perfect for the bedroom or bathroom because it has a relaxing effect and gives a feeling of peace and security.

Tropical motifs for wall decorWallpaper Trends 2019

Whether fancy accessories or brightly colored textiles in fresh, vibrant colors, the extravagant jungle look for the apartment remains fashionable in 2019. If you want to get the holiday feeling home, you can use a tropical photo wallpaper to make the wall in the living room. Exotic motifs such as palm leaves, trees or jungle animals transform the space into a small tropical paradise and ensure a summer-high feeling throughout the year.

“Urban chic” and city views on the wallWallpaper Trends 2019

The urban style of furnishing is in vogue again this year. With photorealistic wallpaper, the walls can be designed into any look. For a cool look make photo wallpaper in concrete, metal or brick look. They create a hip loft atmosphere and combine perfectly with furniture and accessories made of wood or metal. Do you really love a city that stays in your heart forever? Then you can admire these with a skyline photo wallpaper on the wall every day.Wallpaper Trends 2019

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