Watercolor Painting To Create A Watercolor Decoration And A Bucolic Atmosphere

Watercolor PaintingA mixture of crushed pigments and gum arabic, water painting invites itself into the interior decoration to create a devilishly chic and artistic decoration. Pompeux, sober, abstract, poetic and original, the watercolor decoration makes its comeback on the front of stage to present its many facets tall in vibrant colors. To better use it in your decoration, sitazine has decided to give you some useful tips backed up by an extremely inspiring photo gallery. Whether you apply it on a single wall or in total look, water-based paint has, like all other paintings, its small peculiarities which it is better to know before going to work. It’s up to you to discover them in the pictures below.

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Watercolor to change your wall decoration!

Watercolor Painting DecorVery few people think of using it and yet water painting is a means of decoration in its own right, such as decorative paintings, oil paintings or wall posters. Whatever the style of decoration approached, this type of painting is particularly attractive in terms of decorative varieties and special effects.

Painting with water to create a poetic decor!

To realize a watercolor decoration that will highlight the architecture of the desired room, one is supposed to know the wide palette of decor effect that it offers us. We invite you to share with us a unique journey through the great arts of our time. An epic journey that constantly evokes the immortality of art, the poetry of soft colors without forgetting the fiery nature of the tangled patterns that seem to be diluted in a subtle and delicate harmony at the same time.

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Watercolor painting for a relaxing setting

The water painting will also allow you to adapt your wall decoration to the colors of your furniture. To transform the walls into a rural landscape as far as the eye can see, you only have to use water-based paint to create beautiful blooms.

Watercolor painting to create a rural landscape

If you want to embellish your walls by creating an “aerial” decor that plays between the sky and the water, we advise you to opt for a water painting in soft tones. Thus, your wall decoration will take on the appearance of a giant canvas resulting from the know-how of a master emeritus.

Wallpaper imitation watercolor painting for a festive decor

The water painting therefore a size ally that gives us the opportunity to transform our scenery to our liking. With a few brush strokes of paint used brilliantly, you will get a watercolor decoration worthy of its place in a luxury hotel, a notorious museum or a classified mansion.

Watercolor painting to create a beautiful abstract canvas

If you’ve been tempted to makeover your walls, it’s high time you get to work! Nothing is easier, you can first put a special coating which will then allow you to realize your decor aquarallee. Wax with a saponified wax and it’s done!

The watercolor decoration invites itself in the modern living room

Other advice from experts: apply the paint only on a very dry surface, and prefer the tubes to the buckets which are still more difficult to handle. If you do not feel the courage to go out on your own in this artistic affair, consult a specialist or ask a professional who will guide you in the realization of your decor.

Watercolor to create a green-blue decor in the vintage lounge

Watercolor Painting DecorInspire yourself with this green-blue decor to create a wall inspired by the clear waters of distant seas. For this, the water painting is helped by some decorative objects supposed to make it stand out: decorative cushions with fresh patterns and a graphic carpet in black and white.

Aquamarine shades and touches of golden yellow for a successful artistic decoration

Watercolor Painting DecorFrom blue-green water paint to create a seaside spirit setting? Not bad as an idea, provided you know how to highlight it! We suggest you associate the blue or green shades with a few touches of matt or golden yellow.

Water painting to dress the walls of all rooms!

Watercolor Painting DecorWant to break the monotony in the corridor? The magic formula for transforming the wall behind the staircase into an original masterpiece is using it with water-based paint to create a watercolor decoration similar to the one in the picture above.

Watercolor painting to create a tie and dye effect wall

Watercolor Painting DecorWhy not create an artistic wall that bends to the trend of tie and dye? It’s simple: you have to create a two-tone decoration by slightly and gently degrading the darkest color of the two: this bluish wall is visible, and the colors end up grabbing the suspensions, the door and even the decorative cushions .

Make splashes of electric blue to awaken the atmosphere in the dining room!

Watercolor Painting DecorFrom paint to water and a good dose of creativity are the miraculous keys you need to create this artistic decor, composed of splashes of electric blue on white snow background. Ideal to break the sobriety in a minimalist room.

Watercolor for a warm decor, inspire yourself!

Watercolor Painting DecorFrom painting to water in the dining room? If you are tired of the sad aspect of your dining room, you can embark on creating a mural that mixes abstractionism, touches of warm colors and a large-scale artist spirit.

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Let your creativity speak to create a personalized decor!

Watercolor Painting DecorTo create such a decor, you need to take a wide range of vibrant colors and a faultless technique! Let yourself go as if you were giving free rein to all your bold ideas, to bring to life a decor of character that reflects your personality.

Water painting to decorate the walls of the contemporary dining room

Watercolor Painting DecorFrom painting to water for a personality decor in the dining room? Playing with energizing tones is a very nice option to energize the walls of a dark room, or an austere interior that swears only by black and white.

Let your imagination guide you to sublimate your walls!

Watercolor Painting DecorThe aquarted decor will do wonders in any modern room fitted out to minimalist style. Such is the case of this modern kitchen which stands out for its white lacquered storage units, warmed by solid parquet and abstract patterns drawn on one of its walls.

Watercolor painting to achieve a beautiful gradient associated with the decorated line

Watercolor Painting DecorOpposite, another way to use water-based paint to create a wall with tie and dye effect: bet on a combination of yellow and white to vitamin one of your pieces, and sublimate the decor obtained with Accessories and furniture in assorted colors.

A cheerful atmosphere and a rural setting for this charming Provencal lounge

Watercolor Painting DecorVery beautiful height under ceiling for this living room with the Provençal charm that reveals the magic of the colors of the countryside mixed with the purified forms of the contemporary style. Congratulations for the idea of ​​using water painting to create an incredibly grily wall.

Watercolor painting to highlight Scandinavian decor

Watercolor Painting DecorFavorite for this sober but original decoration, realized with painting in water on a wall all white. The little addition that highlights the elegance of the wall decor? The black carpet associated with the Eames rocking chair covered with a faux fur.

The painting watercolor allows to realize innumerable original effects!

Watercolor Painting DecorNeed a deco idea both simple and aesthetic? If you do not have enough patience to master water painting techniques, we invite you to dress your wall with an imitation watercolor wallpaper, the effects of which will be just as spectacular as those of real painting.

Painting with water to break the monotony of white decor

Watercolor Painting DecorFor a successful Scandinavian dining room, you can multiply the touches of white and light wood without forgetting to think about the wall decoration. And what’s more original than using water-based paint to create a two-tone decoration. In this case, as it is a Scandinavian interior, we advise you to keep all your walls in snow white. Choose a character color to repaint a wall or base. From now on, you are free to personalize your decor according to the deco line.

White and gray for a soothing decor

From painting to water to achieve a decor in all sobriety? Take a look at the above idea, and dress your walls with a new color for relaxation and well-being. You have the freedom to choose between immaculate white, silk gray or taupe gray.

Watercolor painting to create an artistic office!

Watercolor Painting DecorAre you dreaming of an artistic office corner that will stimulate your creative potential? So, you have to start by changing the wall decoration with a superb multi-colored fresco or a personalized drawing, made with water-based paint and lots of love!

For a relaxing atmosphere and a serene decor, opt for a mixture of pale colors!

Watercolor Painting DecorTo curl up in the curves of a suspended chair, there is no better as a setting than a watercolor decoration in bluish tones! Demonstration with this warm room has two charms: its hanging armchair in solid wood and its artistic decor.

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Water painting for a Zen atmosphere in the room

Watercolor Painting DecorFrom painting to water to create a soothing decor in the bedroom? We vote to lift up for a Zen room inviting to daydream! To realize a decor of the most serene, it is necessary not skimping on the colors a bit pale shades like water green, sky blue, pastel beige and so on.

Turn one of your walls into a contemporary masterpiece!

Watercolor Painting DecorThe walls of the room above were painted with watercolor paint. To achieve, then, this abstract decoration with blue and white patterns, you must show a minimum of artistic talent and imagination flowing. You can, of course, use other colors instead of dark blue.

Water painting to pimper the wooden atmosphere in the room!

This cozy room is characterized by its watercolor decoration, its wooden pallet bed, its tree-trunk bedside tables and its beautiful vintage-style chair: the winning combination to create a personalized room!

Buffered effects to enhance the colors of your watercolor decoration!

As you have understood, water-based paint is indeed a decorative painting that can help you get a decor with original effects. This is proved by the picture above: a design room with the look of the past, which was enhanced by a decor with buffered effects and furniture of baroque inspiration.

Wallpaper painted watercolor, ceiling with exposed beams and solid wood flooring

From painting to water to make irregular patterns? It is a very good solution to refresh the look of the walls of your room, especially the one that shelters your bed and that can play a great decorative role in the design of a breathtaking scenery.

Painting wallpaper watercolor, suspended bed and solid wood floor

Let yourself be charmed by this room with high ceilings, the look of old-fashioned charm is skilfully highlighted by the watercolor imitation wallpaper, vintage furniture and lamp holder suspension that brings the hallmark to the whole.

Zoom on a design room enhanced by its wall decoration and its white furniture

From painting to water for a festive atmosphere in the room? If you have white furniture and want to contrast them with a strong dose of energizing colors, you can create a multicolored decoration, which oscillates between modernity, surrealism and abstractionism!

Watercolor in green tones to revitalize the decor!

For a more soothing decoration inspired by the Japanese atmosphere, do not hesitate to use it with water paint to create a decor punctuated with touches of green, yellow, beige and wood color.

Make a rural decor punctuated with hyacinths and keys of greenery!

Dive into a cozy cocoon filled with country flowers with this watercolor decoration that you can easily reproduce on the wall behind your bed!

Watercolor with warm tones, green velvet bed and crystal chandelier

From painting to water for a room full of life? To create a room of character, bet on a combination of warm or tonic colors, as the example opposite.

Give a blow to your white walls by making a few “spots” of color like a great artist!

Finally, an original way of makeover the white walls without embarking on major renovations: boost your wall decoration with a few touches of color scattered here and there!

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