Winter Bedding 2019: Trends, Ideas and Where to Buy

Winter Bedding Trends 2019If you are thinking of making a change of image to your bedroom, you can do it in a very simple way changing the textile of the decoration, that is, changing the bedding for the new trends of Winter 2019 for bed linen. Here we tell you all the trends in quilts, duvets, covers Duvet, sheets and pillows. We also tell you about the 2019 Winter bedding catalogs from our favorite stores: Ikea and El Corte Inglés.

Latest trends in bedding Winter 2019: bedspreadsWinter Bedding Trends

The bedspreads, although they are not the most popular option in recent years to cover our bed, it is true that it can be a very good option for this winter 2019. We can bet on more classic quilts, like this one with embroidery that we can see in the photograph of below but always contributing with more current colors like this gray aquamarine color, very easy to combine and that immediately invites us to tranquility.

Although it is winter, it is not necessary to renounce the bright colors and colors with more light. In fact, we can opt for very fashionable colors this year, combined with cool colors more typical of this era. For example, a very nice combination is the one you can see in the photograph below. We combine a very vivid color like the color yellow but in a colder tone, with flowers that give a lot of life to the bed and also combined with cold colors such as navy blue or green.

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Latest trends in bedding Winter 2019: quiltsWinter Bedding Trends 2019

Similar to the quilts, we can also find quilts in trend for this winter 2019. Although we can find classic lines, we can also bet on different colors or daring prints.

A classic line would be the quilt that follows the photograph above, in white and embroidered. These are always a good option because they never go out of fashion and, besides, they are very easy to combine with other colors that we can provide with the rest of the bedding.

If you prefer to look something more fashionable and different, we can choose a quilt like this, with a pattern and a perfect color for this winter that we can also combine with other colors of the same range or with neutral colors such as white or gray.

Latest trends in bedding winter 2019: duvet coversWinter Bedding Trends 2019

The Nordic covers are the most demanded products of bedding because they are a very practical and warm solution for the winter. We can choose very simple and basic Nordic covers that we can combine with other more elaborate accessories or we can opt for original Nordic covers with trendy colors like the one shown below, in a metallic color, very fashionable this winter 2019.

We can choose a duvet cover of a plain color to match the rest of the bedding within the same range or we can choose a two-tone combination. Choosing colors from the same range always brings more elegance. For example, this Nordic cover of a very fashionable color, easy to combine with earth colors typical of autumn and winter.

Latest trends in bedding Winter 2019: sheetsWinter Bedding Trends 2019

After choosing the color of the quilt, comforter or duvet cover, you can also take a look at the section 2019 winter sheets. Here you can follow two trends: or follow the decoration of the outer textile bed or choose some sheets simple You can also choose something in between. For example, in the picture below you see a very fashionable type of sheet that is currently a plain design in a basic color such as black and then wear a detail drawn in another color, like these golden branches.

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Another trend in winter sheets 2019 are dark, black, gray or brown sheets. In these cases they are usually smooth sheets or with discrete designs since the color is the protagonist.

Latest trends in bedding Winter 2019: cushionsWinter Bedding Trends 2019

As for the 2019 winter trends for cushions, we can find many models with different shapes and original designs. One of the styles that we are going to see more this season are the rectangular cushions that, combined with other square or round cushions can form a very original and striking set for our bed.

We also continue to find other classical cushions, like the ones you see here below and that are perfect for when we are not going to place too many cushions on the bed, since with a couple of them they already make the style of the bed different.

And as in the rest of the home textiles and interior decoration in general, we will not miss the metallic colors. The ideal is to combine them with neutral colors such as black, brown, gray or white, so that the metallic highlights of the background.

Where to buy linens Winter 2019

If you want to buy cheap and good quality bedding, here we present our favorite stores and they always have the latest trends in bedding. Here we present some products that we can find in their respective 2019 winter catalogs.

Ikea Winter Bedding 2019Winter Bedding Trends 2019

One of our favorite stores to buy bedding is Ikea. In this store you can find many different models with original designs and all at a good price. For example, you can find duvet covers with very fashionable prints this season, like this one you see in the photograph below.

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If you are looking for a minimalist decoration for your bedroom, we recommend you opt for a neutral duvet cover, like this one you see here. Despite being a neutral color like black, its discreet print makes it different and original to decorate any bedroom in Winter 2019.

In Ikea you can also find cushions of many different styles, like this, with the fashionable colors in industrial style decoration (gray, black, white and yellow) and rectangular shape that, as we said, is perfect to combine with cushions from basic format.

Bed linen El Corte Inglés Winter 2019Winter Bedding Trends 2019

Another of our favorite stores to buy bedding is El Corte Inglés. You have all types of bedding, and all kinds of prices, from low cost textiles to large design firms. One of our favorite products are these basic duvet covers, available in many different colors and with very good quality fabrics. If you want to choose a color for this winter 21018, we recommend this navy blue very fashionable and easy to combine with the rest of the decoration of your bedroom.

You can also find other much more original covers like this that has as a nice text stamped. You can also find it in different colors.

You can also take a look at its large collection of single beds for children, like this beautiful duvet cover with a very floral and fun design for any child’s bedroom.

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