Wonderful Apartment Ideas for College Students

The desk and chair should be comfortable. In this area, place a clock, a bookcase and accessories, a desk lamp, a small file for documents and a glass, cup or base to place pencils and pens.Modern apartment decor ideas for college students with nice white table

At the time of decorating less is more and many times you end up buying more things that eventually become possible clogs.

It’s time to say goodbye to your family nest, to embark on a new stage in your life as a university student. For some, this step might seem like an adventure. For others, it is a challenge that they will have to face with nostalgia.

However, whatever your situation, for this transition process to flow successfully it is important that you feel at ease in your new college dormitory. With this in mind, Home and Construction interviewed interior decorator and designer Janelle Thon, so that with her advice you can help decorate your new room.

What aspects should be considered when decorating the new bedroom?

decorating college dormThe most important thing is to create a cozy atmosphere with a personalized taste, transforming the space into your new home. To achieve this, the first thing you should consider is the budget. Many times it’s the little details that make the big difference.

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What are the ideal shades or colors?

I recommend using a color scheme where neutral colors predominate, such as gray, white and/or cream, as they provide balance and stability. As for accent colors, I recommend using cheerful colors like red, yellow and/or orange in small details and accessories. These energize the space in a very positive way.

What decorative elements and functions should not be missing in the university room?

  • Certainly, the first thing you should think about is in bed and better yet if you have your own personality. An example of this could be building your housekeeper using recycled wood panels. In this way, you would be saving money and helping the environment.
  • Linen and sheets with some pattern or solid color that is concealer. It would be ideal if it is reversible because you have the opportunity to change it and can even become something fun.
  • Decorative cushions, either to be placed on the bed to support you when you study or on the floor as alternative seats.
  • Place a carpet with some dynamic pattern or some solid color that harmonizes with the color scheme in the room, creating a pleasant and welcoming space.
  • Curtain coating for privacy and natural lighting control.
  • Desk and chair that are comfortable, as you will be using most of the time.
  • Table lamps (for desk), wall and/or floor lamps. It is extremely important to have good lighting.
  • An alarm clock and/or decorative clock to be on time with class schedules.
  • Bookcase for books and accessories.
  • Having frames with pictures of family and friends will make you feel like you are at home.
  • For dirty clothes, you can opt for a decorative basket.
  • You can get creative and use some wall covering, such as recycled wood, some material such as brick, decorative paper, among others.
  • You could create a simple arrangement with some base or vase that highlights your color scheme in the room. If you like to plant them, but you fear to neglect them for the short time available, choose artificial plants that appear to be natural, making it a very attractive element in the room.
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How should the desk be organized and decorated?

College Dorm Room DecorThere is no such rule, but I always recommend having a desk lamp, a small file for books, papers and/or notebooks, a glass, cup or base for placing pencils and pens, a paperweight and a watch.

What are the most common mistakes to avoid?

I think that when it comes to decorating less is more and many times you end up buying more things that eventually become possible clogs. I think you should avoid television or at least not have it turned on while you study, as it can be a great distraction.

For those who share the same room, what suggestions would you give them when decorating?

I think the best thing they can do is to talk and express what they like and do not like. Based on the criteria discussed, they should create a balance between both tastes and styles to achieve a pleasant space where both feel happy, comfortable and satisfied.

How can you incorporate the personality of each roommate in the decoration of the same space while maintaining a balance?

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas For College StudentThe best way to achieve a balance is to incorporate the personality of each one through pieces of accessories that do not take over space and contribute to the decoration.

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