Wonderful Double Bedrooms with Study Tables. Ideas 2017

Double bedrooms with study tablesThe bedroom of a couple is an environment that should provide romance and well-being but, in many cases, it is imperative to find a corner for study tables or computer tables where to finish the work of the office, organize home accounting and update social networks…

So when decorating it is necessary to take into account the area where we will place the study table.

Double bedrooms with study tables

The style of decoration should be in accordance with the taste of both and choose a study table appropriate to the space, in order to get a relaxing space and also cozy.

Cheap Study Tables

When we think of study tables we come to mind the study tables for children where they do their school duties, but the reality is that computer tables, study tables, desks or office tables are necessary furniture to all Ages.

What we really need is a board to place some papers and the computer, so it does not have to be a table. We can get cheap and functional study tables if we use a sideboard, a chest of drawers, some type of folding study tables or convertibledouble function furniture.

Double bedrooms with study tables

Double bedrooms with work areas or study desks

For the work area of the double bedroom we can choose between the study tables for young people. These desks are very complete, because normally, they have drawers, sections, shelves for the computer and management area. We will look for a type of youthful computer table that harmonizes with our decoration.

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The vast majority of furniture stores have different styles, sizes, prices and types of study tables where we can find what we are looking for. And obviously in the big stores like Ikea, Leroy Merlin, El Corte Ingles.

Double bedrooms with study tables

Moreover, the study table, is a furniture so demanded that even hypermarkets have study tables, Carrefour, Hipercor…

We can also make the choice and purchase through pages online furniture, eg tables studio Ikea, Conforama desk, Amazon, etc. That give us all the options.

Double bedrooms with study tables

Folding study table for small spaces

Thanks to the great creatives and designers of interior decoration, we found different and great ideas to install a workspace without taking up too much space. Some tables Folding study, with the possibility to hide or that we can use for other things are the ultimate in decorating trends 2017

Double bedrooms with study tables

We will see different designs of study tables that, besides performing their main function, bring character and personality to the environment and the decoration of double bedrooms.

Study Chairs

We can not forget that we will need to select among the study chairs, one that we can use when we sit down to work at the study table. We do not have to buy one of the conventional computer chairs but placing it in the bedroom will be much more appropriate a design chair.

Double bedrooms with study tables

How to decorate a small bedroom with workspace area

Firstly, most couples use accessories, decor accessories and   modern furniture to be better combinable and in order to please the taste of both.

This is a great success when we realize the decoration of small spaces because the difficulty lies in creating a pleasant and harmonious decoration in a small room where we want to include various environments.

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Double bedrooms with study tables

Here are some advice from the sitazine Today decor blog that you can put into practice in decorating small modern wedding suites :

The first option in a room is the bed, if possible, opt for beds with drawers or drawers under the bed. This is ideal for storing books, bedding, bags, jackets, etc. Which will alleviate the use of other cabinets and can gain space for our work area.

Double bedrooms with study tables

Another important element that should contain the marriage room is the closet. Although it occupies a large space it can be used in a functional way. The built -in closets, custom cabinets or closets can be a great option.

In small double bedrooms it is important to consider the doors; need are integrated into the decor or, opt for doors that provide amplitude, such as closet doors mirrored closet doors or decorated with vinyl.

A good idea is to assign to a part of the closet the location of the study table that can be hidden by the sliding door or swing doors.

Double bedrooms with study tables

The colors are an important option, always try to choose neutral, light or pastel colors. The light colors reflect the light and this has the visual sensation of bigger and more spacious. Although always and especially for those who like color, it is ideal to include it as decorative stitch; It can be on a wall, a carpet, the head of the bed, blinds or curtains, ornaments or a decorative vinyl.

When there is no place in the room to place the desk, we can replace a bedside table by a small study table.

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Double bedrooms with study tables

And remember that simplicity is always the best option for decorating environmentswith small spaces; the use of furniture dual – use folding furniture, convertible furniture and straight lines will be the best choice.

Some pictures of study tables can be found at Ummishita, pinterest

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