Wooden Potting Bench Table – 20 Ideas for High Functionality In Small Space Garden

wooden potting bench garden tableAre you a passionate amateur gardener and like to work in the garden as soon as the sun is showing through the clouds in spring? If you always have to run into the garden house to get flowers and tools, a gardening table might help you. In this article, we will give you ideas for a wooden potting bench table that will help you get the most out of your gardening experience, and your hobby will be more enjoyable.

What is a wood potting bench table made of?

Green wooden garden planter tableA wooden potting bench table is in every respect an indispensable aid to the work in the garden. On such a table, you can repot, squeal and pique after heart failure. The gardening table promises back-friendly gardening and you no longer have to bend when planting. It is also a practical storage area and you can always have the garden utensils ready to hand and quickly stow away.

Wooden potting bench table in different designs – high functionality in a small space

rustic wooden garden potting benchAs far as the equipment of a gardening table is concerned, there are no specifications. Some amateur gardeners want a wooden potting bench table with a lot of space. Several drawers and drawers provide sufficient storage space for seeds, cards, tools and twine. Side hacks where you can hang gardening tools are a great idea. Practical also are shelves under the worktable, which serve for the storage or depositing clay pots, earth, buckets or watering cans. Set up your wooden potting bench table so that you have everything you need within reach. Adjust the equipment of the table to your own needs.

wooden garden table planter benchIn the market there are quite different versions of workstations for the garden. Some have, for example, a side skirt, which serves to prevent sand and soil from being swept off the table. Other models feature a built-in zinc plate that allows you to easily cut branches and other materials. Who has a water connection in the garden, can install a sink in the planting table. There you can water the root ball or wash your hands. There are also planters equipped with an integrated sink.

wooden gardening table benchThe work surface on some models is bordered with a wooden strip, so that nothing can fall. A table with a grid rear wall with small hooks attached would be another option. A wooden potting bench table can be equipped with wooden or metal feet. Some gardening tables are even available on castors and can be used in various areas in the garden.

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roller wooden garden bench tableFor smaller tables, weather resistant plastic rollers are suitable, whereas larger workstations require stable and load-bearing rollers made of metal. If you lack space in your garden, you can access a smaller garden table. There are worktops of different dimensions, as well as foldable models, which need little space. Every gardener should decide individually which model is best suited for him.

What distinguishes a good wooden potting bench table?

sturdy hardwood garden table benchA wooden potting bench table is made of weather-resistant wood and has a long life. Planters can be made from local or exotic woods such as pine, larch, pine, spruce, oak, teak, eucalyptus, etc. Regardless of which model you choose, the Holt planting table must be sturdy. Light wooden structures tilt slightly when loaded. The material and the surface must be very sturdy as the work table is exposed to contact with various other materials.

wooden planting garden tableOn the planting table there is also the potting and repotting, as well as the pouring, which is why moisture and moisture should not be a problem for the wood material. It is of great importance for the life of the garden table whether you want to place the table under a roof or to have it in the open. The impregnated work tables are protected against weather influences and are therefore suitable for outdoor use. If you have a gardening table made of untreated wood, you must paint it in the garden with a special, water-resistant paint.

solid wood plant tableThe right height of the plant table is of great importance for your wellbeing and comfortable work. In principle, the working height is 90 centimeters. In order to avoid back pain, proper body maintenance is essential. If this height does not suit your needs, you will find models of other sizes in the trade models.

Determine the location for the wooden potting bench table

gardeners wooden planting bench tableAnyone who has opted for an impregnated gardening table can easily set it up at any place in the garden. Otherwise, a roof protects the wood from moisture, which can easily damage untreated wooden garden furniture. It is best to position the work table in your garden so that you have as short a path as possible to the garden house and to the bed. A wooden potting bench table can be set up where you need it.

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indoor garden bench tableIt can also serve you well on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden or greenhouse. Especially in the summer, a shady spot is an excellent location. Under a small canopy, you are protected not only by the glowing sun rays, but you can finish your work away from the wind and rain.

Garden planter made of wooden pallets

Garden planter made of wooden palletsIf your garden is not very large or the plant table is to have certain dimensions for some reason, you can create a wooden potting bench table according to your own ideas. This allows you, among other things, to benefit from the advantage that you can optimally adjust the working height to your own body size. You can, for example, design a narrow wooden potting bench table for your garden or greenhouse from Europaletten. Garden furniture made of wooden pallets is not only very fashionable, but can be made entirely from free building material.

wood pallets garden planter benchIf you are talented and do not want to spend money on a gardening table, this inexpensive material is the best solution for you. From three wooden pallets you can build a planting table with two feet and a shelf on the wall itself. You can determine the width and size of the table yourself and cut the pallets as required. A wooden blade that you cut accordingly and screw it to the two pallets. Attach the pallet vertically as well, which you can use to hang from the small garden tool and attach several hoes.

rustic wood garden bench tableThe wall behind the pallet table can also be used as a tool wall. Under the worktop you can screw several boards, which serve as storage compartments. Instead of mounting a separate worktop, you can place both wooden pallets upright and position the third pallet as a table top. Screw the pallets with two screws per block. If your garden table is outdoors, you must either place the garden utensils in the basement or clean them in waterproof crates.

Planter of old wooden furniture

Garden planter made of old wooden furnitureOld furniture, which you may still have in the basement, can easily be converted with a little craftsmanship. A well-preserved dining table, for example, can serve as a rack for a robust planter. Even if the tabletop is damaged, you can attach a new worktop to the old one and paint it with a weather-resistant paint or glaze. If you want to protect the feet of the plant table in addition, metal bar shoes are a good solution. Such a planting table is suitable for amateur gardeners who work with large flower heads and earth containers all year round.

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black garden wooden planter benchFrom an old chest of drawers, a practical work table for the garden can also be produced without much effort. If you need a lot of space for your garden utensils, you can use the spacious drawers for storing gardening gloves, flower pots, saucers, seeds and other utensils. If you want more space for the soil and fertilizer, you can simply remove the lower drawer. You can store small items in boxes, bowls or baskets, for example.

small wooden garden planter benchWith a good organization system, you do not have to struggle and look for longer. The various garden shears or the pique bar can be hung from the side by the hook. Mount a multiplexing plate on the top plate of the chest of drawers and screw a thin plate of oak or thermocouple on top.

wooden garden planter bench table furnitureAnyone who wants to turn his home-made gardening table into a true gaze can free his imagination and paint the table in color. The shades of green and blue match very well with the colors of the garden flowers. If you want to put color accents in the garden and proudly present your hobby, choose bright colors. Plant table in Shabby Chic Look looks just as great.

wooden bench table garden furnitureIf you want to embellish your home-made gardening table, you can find valuable items in the cellar or on the attic, which will give the table a special charm. Nails, handles from old furniture or lanterns make this garden piece of furniture shine in a new glow. A table made of wood can be much more than just a storage place for vessels, watering cans and garden tools. There you can present your most beautiful plants, which will delight every passionate gardener and visitor.

Folding wooden potting bench table for the wall

diy wooden garden planter bench tableIf you want to build a particularly space-saving variant of the planting and gardening table yourself, you can assemble a folding table for the wall. This work table is only suitable for picching or sowing, since it can not bear the weight of the pots or the large amounts of earth. For this you need a stable wooden board, which you cut to the desired size. Attach the board to the wall using metal brackets. So you can simply fold up the small table when you no longer need it.

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