X Mistakes to Avoid when Decorating Small Design Rooms

Small Design Rooms. The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, is where you spend most of your time with your family and your visits, hence in many cases we comment as decoration  living room or decoration living, especially when the room For this purpose has few measures.Colorful small design living room decor

The rooms small design are, if anything, more complicated than large rooms, because we want to include all the furniture necessary to have space and also that everything is harmonious and beautiful.

If we consider that the main objective for the design rooms is that the visual effect is wider than the real and recognizing that in a small room we can not put a thousand and a furniture and accessories, there are some very interesting guidelines to perform A design of small modern living rooms and get an enviable salon.

You can continue with your style of personal decoration. You should not renounce it because your living room is a few meters away or has an irregular or inappropriate shape for the placement of furniture. In many occasions the rooms with these characteristics give a special play for the decoration and gives you the opportunity to make salons very special and at the same time spectacular designs.

It is true that when we face a small room, there are styles of decoration much more appropriate than others; For example, a vintage style, retro or classic have very ornate lines and we do not think the best choice. Instead, opt for a decoration of modern living rooms minimalist style that we advise you, because the simplicity of the lines and the argument of placing “only and only essential and essential” is the most appropriate pattern when you do not have much space for the design rooms.

Decorating Styles Small Lounges

Small space design living room apartment ideasAs we said before, it may be that the shortage of space causes us some inconveniences at the time of working the small living rooms, decoration with concrete styles can be more difficult. But if we are determined to follow the trends we like, we should try.

The more complicated styles are those that carry more ornate lines. Therefore, in the decoration of small rustic living rooms and the decoration of classic small living rooms we must be especially careful not to overload the space and get a cramped environment.

Not to be mistaken in the decoration of small design rooms:Open space small design interior room ideas

  • We should always discard large furniture, although perhaps, it is better one large than many small. We will choose the complements of decoration and simple furniture within the style chosen.
  • We will try to unify all the decorative components by applying or selecting the decoration colors and varying only the shades. The decor with light colors enlarges, the dark colors dwarf.
  • We will take special care in lighting, we will need a room with lots of light. We will install strategic artificial light spots to avoid dark corners or shadows.
  • Decorative vinyls are very interesting because they do not occupy space and can even give us depth and there are models suitable for every need. A mirror decoration can also be very positive.
  • The models of curtains in small design rooms should favor the passage of natural light during the day and not take up too much space.
  • The decoration of small, long rooms must be carefully studied, but this form is ideal for creating a design room with different environments, such as a dining room. It allows us to easily divide each space.
  • In the case of masonry works, it may be very interesting, in small houses, to remove partitions and to take advantage of the breadth of open spaces. The loft decoration can be very useful.
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Companies specializing in the decoration, manufacture and sale of modular furniture can be the best option when we propose to dress our house. The catalog of decoration of small living rooms ikea or similar stores can give us many good and cheap solutions.

Important Factors in Small Design Rooms

Furniture layout small living room arrangementTo achieve a great success in the final design of the living room decoration, we advise you to analyze each part individually, as there are very important factors that we can individually handle to achieve a spectacular whole:

  • The colors. The tonalities and colors that we use in the components of our room have great relevance.
  • The lighting. We will take full advantage of natural light and study the points of artificial light and the choice of curtains.
  • The carpets. The design of carpets is visually influential in decor and in small design rooms.
  • The mirrors, the paintings and plants. They are complements or accessories that can act as fundamental factors in the decoration in small design rooms.
  • The furniture in general and the sofa in particular. They are the elements that will give the style chosen by you. And they are the most fundamental elements according to the size and shape of the room to get great design rooms.

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