Youth Decoration Trends 2017-2018

We bring you the youth decoration trends 2017-2018 that will surely inspire you, let your imagination fly!Youth decoration trends 2017 2018

Today we are going to see some of the most interesting ideas that we have seen for youth decoration at the Fair of Milan 2017. We always pay special attention to the juvenile and children’s rooms. In them we use our imagination, we do not fear the use of color and even allow ourselves licenses. This is why they are the most colorful and imaginative rooms in our home. And those that best reflect the spirit of its inhabitants: if they are athletes, they like music, cartoons…

Today we are going to see some of the youth decor trends 2017-2018 that we can find when decorating a room for our sons / daughters. Because although there are themes that never go out of style, also come new and great ideas to redecorate the room for young and old. Let your imagination fly and make them creative and colorful!

Youth decoration trends 2017-2018

Full Color Interiors

Full colors youth room interior decorationNot only the exterior of the furniture, if not its interior is dressed in color. Thus we can create cupboards full of color that unfold when opened in contrast to the rest of the structure or shelves whose bottom and shelves stand out in vivid colors. Do not you love the idea?

WallpapersYouth room wallpaper decor

Another of the trends youth decoration 2017-2018 that is a source of inspiration when it comes to decorating the rooms is to see the wallpapers that have been used to encourage them. The wallpaper has also entered with force in the dormitories for children and youth. This year the natural motif has been surpassed by other reasons like the geometric ones in neutral tones that go well with almost any color of furniture. A safe bet!

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But also other fun and more fun reasons like these swimmers or a wall full of constellations. A wide variety of options are offered when decorating the rooms of the smallest with wallpapers. Whatever your choice is sure to be a success!Modern youth room wallpaper decoration ideas

In youth we also find many walls with great murals that occupy a whole wall in line with the trend that we told you that has arrived with force in 2017. Walls that transport us to a big city, a forest or any corner of the world. The result is spectacular.Modern youth room graffiti-like walls decor

Also follow the graffiti-like walls, those of industrial inspiration that imitate brick walls seen. In addition to the more childlike decorations with cartoon person. There is something for everyone!

Functional furniture

Youth room furniture ideasIn rooms for children and youths, the functionality and the use of the space are the main priority. Perhaps because of the small size of the rooms or because we have learned to take advantage of any space, children’s furniture and youth make it easy. High beds with drawers underneath, trains and bunk beds for all kinds of needs.

Upholstered heads

Upholstered headboard youth room designIn the juvenile rooms predominate the beds with upholstered heads, in all type of colors, fabrics and combinations. Individual beds that get their personality with their heads.

We even find that they combine several different upholstery creating a very fun effect that we have loved. As in this image where the crow’s leg is combined, with red and gray creating a very original and suggestive effect. We have loved the idea.

Air racks or spaces separating

Colorful wall mounted wood shelves youth room furnitureAnother of the trends youth decoration 2017-2018 is the use of shelves that fulfill a triple function. On the one hand they are practical, they allow us to store and always have at hand all the material necessary for the study and also for the leisure time. And secondly they are the most decorative. Especially the shelves of air type that we have seen so much, in so many combinations and colors.

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But they can also be used to separate spaces and give more privacy to our room if it is a very open space. This task of delimiting and closing the space also works perfectly with shelves. And they create a more intimate and personal space.


Gray colors youth room wall paintGray is still one of the most prominent colors in the trends youth decoration 2017-2018. A very combinable color, we have seen a lot with yellow and with pistachio greens. A perfect combination for a youth bedroom if we add a few touches of white, do not you think? Refreshing but at the same time sober.

And it is that the gray is a color that goes very well with almost all the tones and especially with the blues. And is that we have already talked about the large number of options to combine that offers us the gray and in the children’s rooms was not going to be less. A color to keep in mind in the next season!

Black color

Black youth room bookcaseThe black color also wants to continue occupying its place in the youthful furniture now combined with wood and some more vivid tone like the red of this image that make it stand out. Definitely a combination with strength and personality.

Wood more white

White wooden youth room furnitureAnother of the ideas that are still seeing strongly is to combine wood more white and some color more strongly. This time they combine lime and red. A combination of sober and youthful that is not out of fashion and is always trend.


Youth room decoration ideasAnother of the typical characteristics of children’s rooms are their fun shooters. Colorful and with the most surprising and original shapes, we have again seen that shooters are still one of the elements to take into account when decorating your room. How difficult it will be to decide for some!

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What do you think of the youth decoration trends 2017-2018? A great variety of options and ideas when it comes to combining the room of the smallest or youngest of the house. Without a doubt, it will cost to choose but we hope with these ideas you have helped a little. We are looking forward to seeing all these news in storefronts, and you? How can you always visit my Pinterest page to see more ideas and inspiration. Thanks for reading and happy week!

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